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Ben Maddison

Alberta Independence Party

Ben has been almost lifelong resident of Lethbridge.  He has raised his family, made many friends and has his extended family residing in Lethbridge.

“I’ve worked mostly in the automotive industry, as well as various sales and service positions in the automotive/construction fields.  I became interested in the AIP when it became increasingly obvious that Alberta separation was the only choice left.  Not to mention the comprehensive set of policies put forth by Dave Bjorkman and the rest of the AIP.  Like many Albertans, I do not like the direction this country or this province are heading.  I’ve had enough of the lying suits and
talking heads, the attack on free speech and scandal after scandal from our elected representatives.  It is time for a return to government acting on behalf of the people.  The people telling us what they want and not a politician telling them how it is going to be.  I am not a politician and I have never had aspirations to be one, I am just a regular citizen fed up with the status quo!  Far from perfect, I have a past. Some of it is colourful. Want the truth? ASK ME!”