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Karri Flatla


Karri is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur with deep roots in Lethbridge’s business community.

As a small business owner with over 15 years of experience in oil and gas, economic development, transportation logistics, marketing, and real estate, Karri understands that business drives employment, wealth creation, and tax revenue. She will work to ensure that entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and hard-working families can thrive in Lethbridge and across Alberta.

A successful real estate agent, Karri has guided Lethbridge families through critical financial decisions and exciting life changes and will continue to stand up for the people she represents in the Legislature.

All Albertans have a vested interest in revitalizing our economy because the Alberta Advantage doesn’t belong to government.  It belongs to Albertans.

Karri will provide her strong, conservative voice to represent the people of Lethbridge-West and help Jason Kenney and the UCP team restore a fresh, new Alberta Advantage for individuals, families, and our communities.

Main priorities:

  • Reduce the provincial tax burden on employers to create jobs
  • Scrap the carbon tax
  • Remove regulatory barriers to create a business friendly environment
  • Create oil and gas jobs
  • Get pipelines built
  • Referendum on equalization
  • Fight foreign-funded special interest
  • Crack down on crime