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A Ride to Remember

May 2, 2019

It's the ride of a lifetime for a University of Lethbridge prof, who is fulfilling his dream to bike across the country to raise awareness for Alzheimers.

“I’ve been doing bike touring for many years and I’ve always wanted to cycle across Canada. But it was tough to find the time, and so this year I was able to make it all work," says Richard Larouche.

The U of L public health professor says this is something that's near and dear to his heart, as many of his family members are afflicted with the disease.

Larouche says there’s still plenty of research that needs to be done, as there is currently no cure for the disease.

'So this year I’m going to ride from Lethbridge to St. John’s Newfoundland, then I’m going to fly to Victora to ride across BC and come back here to Lethbridge,” he says.

Larouche plans to embark on his journey on May 9 and says the ride should take him about two months to complete.