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Alberta families to receive more help during province's economic recovery

July 23, 2020

Alberta families will be receiving more help during our province's economic recovery. A new funding agreement between Ottawa and the Alberta government will mean $45M dollars more for affordable and accessible child care. Minister of Children's Services, Rebecca Schulz made the announcement earlier today.

Kingdom Kids Christian Childcare in Lethbridge owner and operator Jennifer Zammit, says that each family has specific needs when it comes to funding and assistance.  

"You have families (where) job stability is still uncertain," she says. "You have families who don't want to register for care because they don't really know what they need at this point, but they're afraid not to register for care because they don't want to loose the chance of only so many spaces being open".

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 109,000 families were enrolled in a licensed or approved child care space in a centre or day home. Officials say that represents around 30% of Alberta families with children. The funds are part of a 10 year, seven billion dollar funding pledge the Trudeau Liberals unveiled three years ago.

Photo: child.unl.edu