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Alberta physicians vote no-confidence in Minister of Health

July 29, 2020

The Alberta Medical Association says they are not happy with Health Minister, Tyler Shandro. The group recently voted overwhelmingly against Shandro, with 97% of doctors within AMA saying they did not have confidence in Shandro to manage the provinces healthcare system in an efficient way.

8,740 Alberta physicians took part in the vote that ran from July 21 to 28.

The President of the AMA, Dr Christine Molnar, says the no-confidence vote is not supposed to be a way of getting Shandro fired, but they do want the government to come to the table to talk with them.

Molnar is hoping that this vote of no-confidence will allow for discussion with Premier Jason Kenney.

She announced today that she will be writing a letter to the Premier, and hopes to try to come to some kind of agreement in the form of a meeting.

Molnar says, "The message from Alberta's doctors couldn't be clearer. They don't have confidence in this Minister, they don't trust him."

"We understand the government's desire to flatten spending and to implement new innovative approaches in health care, and we are committed to helping. But this will require a level of policitical leadership we haven't seen so far," adds Molnar.

Bridge City News reached out to the office of Tyler Shandro, but didn't hear back before our broadcast deadline.