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Alternatives to “drink box water bottle sort of things”

June 19, 2019

After the Prime Minister delivered a stumble-filled answer to a question, some people started looking to switch to paper-packaged water. But environmentally-conscious retailers are not so keen on the idea.

Critics of Justin Trudeau are being slow to forget the Prime Ministers awkward answer when asked how his own family reduced plastic waste.  The stumble came from Trudeau after his government announced plans to ban many single-use plastics.

Owner of The Purple Carrot, Cris Robinson says there are options that are more environmentally friendly than switching to "drink box water bottle sort of things."

Robinson says “Over boxed water, I would get a good water filter. And use your own water bottle.”

The costs associated with paper-packaged water are much higher, according to an internet search.  A 24-pack of Boxed Water is Better costs $44.96, but a 24-pack of plastic bottled water sells for $2.47 at Real Canadian Superstore.

Screen capture of online prices for boxed water. Image courtesy: boxedwaterisbetter.com