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Artist completes 35 paintings in 35 days during the coronavirus pandemic

July 6, 2020

Completing a painting in one day can be quite the task. How about 35 paintings in 35 days? That was the accomplishment of one local ambitious artist. As Micah Quinn explains, each painting was designed with meticulous care.

One of Aaron Hagan's paintings, the 'Picasso Turtle' was inspired by Pablo Picasso. Hagan says, "It sort of looked like a turtle character to me, almost broken up, fragmented. The artist, Pablo Picasso, did something called cubism where he would do things from multiple perspectives, on different picture planes. Like a side view, and a front view from someone's face. So I sort of see it as a fragmented turtle. That's why I called it, Picasso's Turtle."

There is also a selfie contest that participants can enter to win a painting by taking a picture in front of a painting in the Casa building. You would then hashtag, #CasaSummerSalon. You can share it on Facebook, or other social media.

Aaron Hagan says, "That's how you can win another one of my paintings, which is a 20X20 inch painting called Kaleidoscope."

The paintings will be up at Casa until August 21.