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Better Business Bureau talks how to teach children, teachers, and parents internet safety tips with back to school

September 14, 2020

With students back to school for nearly two weeks now, teachers, and families have had to adapt to a new school environment, with a lot of classes going online. The Better Business Bureau in Calgary is asking parents and teachers to look up safety tips to make sure that children are protected when they are at school. Shawna-Kay Thomas from the Better Business Bureau in Calgary says that parents need to be aware of parental control on the devices that their kids are using, and she provided BCN with some back to school internet safety tips that parents can put into practical use.

Thomas says, "It's a new environment, we're going to be engaging with technology a lot more. It's important for parents to have a conversation with their children about online safety and security."

Make sure as a parent you are aware of the networks and the accounts that your child is having access to, "Social media site, an app, wherever it is they're putting their information," adds Thomas.

The Better Business Bureau is encouraging parents to tell their children what information is not safe to share, and what is safe to share. Students can become at risk through emails from school, "Those that are learning at home will get emails from their instructors, and in those emails students now become at risk of getting phishing emails," says Thomas.

Teachers will have to up their security access, and have a plan says Thomas, "You want to keep a clean machine as well, so that the device is up to date, and the kinds of information and assignments that you share across this network does not have anything that's too personal in case it gets in the hands of the wrong person."

Tips parents should watch out for:

Contests and giveaways

Creating accounts on websites without permission


Understand apps

File sharing sites

Tips for teachers and administrators:

Videoconferencing tools

Evaluate and update cybersecurity plans

Keep a clean machine and update devices that will connect to the internet

Tips for online privacy settings for family:

Read privacy policies with children

Don't share your location

Use parental controls if necessary

For more information you can visit https://www.bbb.org/.