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Better Business Bureau warns about freelancer scams

July 24, 2020

The Better Business Bureau is warning businesses to be on the lookout for freelancers who are creating fake online accounts. The scammers are using real photos, and creating resumes of professionals to tempt businesses into believing they are lawful workers. The scammers will also offer the businesses a low rate in order to seem more enticing to be hired. Shawna-Kay Thomas from the Better Business Bureau in Calgary says that the company wants to give out tips in which you can spot a freelancer scammer.

Thomas explains to BCN that there are scammers that are trying to mess with businesses. "There are freelancers who are posing as legitimate contractors, maybe web design, any kind of business you are looking for."

"To weed out scammers as well, ask for an interview. Ask for a Zoom interview or a Skype. A face-to-face, any online interview that you can get. Make sure that you can have a comfortable conversation with the person you're planning to hire. They can outline what their skills are, the work that they've done, clients that they have. And that interview will give you a sense of whether or not that person is genuine," says Thomas.

Thomas adds that you will want to ask the person for past work that they've done so that they can send you samples of their own work, "Another thing to do is check their platforms. They may post on Upwork for example, but check their LinkedIn."

if you feel that you've fallen victim to a scam like this, you can contact the Better Business Bureau website Scam Tracker https://www.bbb.org/ScamTips.