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Bikers Are Buddies looks to raise awareness about the impact bullying has on the community

July 16, 2020

There is a group of bikers whose goal is to eliminate bullying in our community. Bikers are Buddies does so through educating kids and adults alike. The non-profit group says bullying is an issue today and they are hoping to get out the message that it should not be tolerated.

Bikers Are Buddies Lethbridge was started almost a year ago, and the group Bikers Are Buddies Canada was started in Calgary three years ago.

Phoenix is The National Secretary for Bikers Are Buddies Lethbridge, and she says the group holds a meeting every Monday where they invite other bikers to come down and see what the group is about. They can also ask to join if they are interested. "It is a way for the community to come and ride with us, and possibly join the family, or be a supporter," says Phoenix.

Ghost is The President of Bikers Are Buddies Lethbridge, and he says, "We're a not-for-profit organization for youth and the community. We also support veterans in any capacity we're able to."

Bullying is still a big problem in the world, and Bikers Are Buddies hopes to raise awareness about the strong impact that bullying can have on youth and children.

"As always, it's been a huge thing to protect our youth. They're our future, in all aspects. Bullying and all this other stuff that's going on, it hurts our community, hurts everybody, affects everybody," says Ghost.

The first Sunday of every month is when Bikers Are Buddies has their monthly meeting where the public can come down and get to know the group. "That's where you can come and really get to know us, see what we're about. If you're interested in joining, or just supporting, or whatever. Maybe you just want to ask some questions. That's the best day to see us," adds Phoenix.

Phoenix wasn't sure how the group was going to turn out when it was started.

"When you first start an initiative of any kind, or a little meet up like this, you never really know what your first or second times will be," she says.

There are currently 20 members in Bikers Are Buddies Lethbridge, and they are looking for more members daily.