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Bold N Brave scavenger hunt to benefit Angel Tree Christmas Campaign and Wood's Homes

November 20, 2020

Helping kids to gain self-respect and understanding their goals is top priority for Bold N Brave in Lethbridge. The company has started a touch free scavenger hunt for children and families where funds will go to support local businesses that help kids this holiday season.

Bold N Brave is a local business that has a goal of embracing youth says owner, Dana Holland, "Help them and encourage them to gain self-respect, understanding their goals."

The company goes through programming, and encourages kids to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by going outside, "Build that confidence that lots of times teens don't always know they have," adds Holland.

Runners Soul and Lethbridge Music Academy are working with Bold N Brave to start a scavenger hunt, "The whole idea is that it's for everyone. It's not just for teens, or kids. It's for families, couples, older people. Anybody to get outside," says Holland.

Over the next 10 days, there will be 9 different locations around Lethbridge where people can get hints for the hunt, adds Holland, "It's all driving, but it's all on the south side. They get to have a little bit of fun, and get to learn a little bit about Lethbridge history."

The Scavenger Hunt will raise money for the Angel Tree Christmas Campaign, and Wood's Homes. "All of the donations that get sent to me goes to these two businesses in Lethbridge to help kids," adds Holland.

There is a donation of a $200 gift basket for those who enter for a draw on December 2 on the Bold N Brave Instagram and Facebook.

At the end of the Scavenger Hunt there's letters that people will spell out, "They have to scramble it out, they shoot me a text, and that enters them to win some of the smaller prizes," says Holland.

For more information or to register for the scavenger hunt, you can visit the Bold N Brave website.