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Bottles 4 Boulet in 2nd year to honour Humbolt

April 5, 2019

A Lethbridge teen is in his 2nd year of collecting bottles in honour of Logan Boulet, who pased away tragically in last years Humbolt Broncos bus crash.

Ryker Morrell isn’t like most 14 year olds.  He saw a tragedy and turned it into charity.

"Personally I'm a really big fan of sports. I play them a lot. There's a lot of kids especially in our neighborhood and around Lethbridge that can't really afford it so after I saw what happened with the bus crash involving the Humbolt Broncos, then I saw that Logan Boulet started a kids sport fund that helps underprivileged kids play sports. I didn't have any money to donate so I just thought a bottle drive would be a good way to help out."

Last year, bottles for Boulet raised $3,000 and helped 11 kids who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford playing sports.  The goal for this year is ten thousand dollars and to help at least 50 kids. The campaign is currently working with about a dozen local businesses.

"It hit home because of the accident. Him being a local sports figure and passing away. We can see the effect that it made on the community and it was negative. To see Ryker come along and make this into a positive, made us really feel good, and for us to get on board with this, it was just a no brainer," says brand manager of Pats Driveline Mike Luedtke

If you would like to donate or volunteer, you can do so by visiting the Bottles 4 Boulet website. http://bottles4boulet.org/http://bottles4boulet.org/