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Building Brains Together for children and parents

June 17, 2020

Building Brains Together has been working with families and their children to help with research initiatives, online education for parents, and activities for kids. As Micah Quinn explains, the company is trying to establish connections and brain development for children through research and education. Dr. Robbin Gibb says that Building Brains Together developed as an idea from the University of Lethbridge from her, and two other professors. The purpose of Building Brains is to enhance literary skills for young children, and help parents, caregivers, and teachers understand brain development in children. Dr. Robbin Gibb says that since they haven't been able to get out to bigger centres, "We have been targeting small day homes that continue to operate. And we took our program, and ran a test run through at a day home in West Lethbridge. The feedback has been phenomenal. Not just from the parents, but also from the day home operator about-- because we offer parent education modules, so you can learn a little bit about brain development."