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Building Brains Together program helps out parents with kids

July 7, 2020

Building Brains Together has been out in the community to share research about how playing can help children throughout the development of their early years. It is a great opportunity for families to bring their kids out to learn ways to help children become successful in life. For one parent, the program not only explained how a child's first five years of development are crucial but it also showed how it helped her son.

Vicki Hazelwood is the Coordinator of Building Brains Together, and she says, "It's a great opportunity for families to come down to see our tent around the community. We have a lot of fun games to play. Get kids off screens, and get them outside playing. We have activity kits we are giving out Tuesday's and Thursday's."

The group hopes that parents will come down with their children to visit and play. There are also parent education sessions online, and 5 modules that parents can sign up for.

Parents will be part of the research in helping look at:

What is stress, executive function, and how important is play for children.

Roberta Mistaken Chief says, Building Brains Together was important in helping her sons educational development. "We would go through stages and questionnaires to find out where he was in the development. With the Building Better Brains curriculum, we were able to find his key points that he needed to work on. And how I could possibly help improve that with the curriculum at home."

Her son went from severely delayed in every category, to above average in one school year.

The Building Brains Tent will be down at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre on Friday's from 10am to 2pm.

The locations for the tent setups can be found on the Building Brains Together website. https://www.buildingbrains.ca/, under the events column.