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Bylaw Exemption Cards not required for exemptions to Lethbridge Temporary Mask Bylaw

September 3, 2020

There has been a lot of questions about the City of Lethbridge’s new temporary mask bylaw. Such as, if you need to have a card to be exempt from wearing a face mask. As Micah Quinn explains, the city is clearing the air on the subject.

The temporary mask bylaw in Lethbridge has been going for just over a week now, and the City of Lethbridge is telling residents that they have been been told about Bylaw Exemption Cards that are being sold online.

Robin Harper is the General Manager of Recreation and Culture at the City of Lethbridge, and he says, "We are not requiring residents to provide proof of their exemption at any building or retail business."

"People are going to access that if it's available. We don't endorse that, and we're not requiring people to provide proof of an exemption," adds Harper when asked about if people have accessed these cards.

The city says if someone goes into a business, they should tell the owners about their exemption to wearing a mask says Harper, "What we're asking the public to do is to provide that proof of exemption verbally. We're not requiring to provide a doctor's note, or a card that says they're exempt. We're relying on people's honesty to follow the intent, and the spirit of the bylaw."

Bylaw 6239 says that a face mask must be worn at all times while in an indoor public space, such as malls, grocery stores, retail businesses, churches, and public transit or taxis.

Harper adds that business are required to post a sign about Bylaw 6239, but those same businesses may bring in additional measures to help protect their customers and staff.

"Education is what we're focusing on, the benefits of wearing a mask to protect others around you, as well as yourself. And relying on the community to follow the health guidelines and make sure everybody is safe," says Harper.

For more information about the City of Lethbridge Temporary Mask Bylaw, you can go to https://www.lethbridge.ca/City-Government/Bylaws/Pages/Face-Covering-Bylaw.aspx