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Cannabis stores coming to Taber, Claresholm and Fort MacLeod

August 26, 2019

A number of cannabis stores are set to open in small towns throughout southern Alberta

If you're from Taber, Vulcan, Claresholm, Fort MacLeod, or Pincher Creek, you soon will no longer have to drive to Lethbridge or Calgary to purchase cannabis legally. Bridge Bud Supply in Lethbridge is expanding.

"We'll be opening up in Southern Alberta's smaller markets," says Operations Manager, Brad Howell.

According to Statistics Canada, Alberta has purchased more legal cannabis than any other province. From legalization in October 2018 until June 2019, Alberta cannabis suppliers have rung up $123.6 million in sales. Ontario and Quebec were second and third with sales of  roughly 121 and 119 million dollars respectively.  That number is set to increase with 50 new cannabis stores opening up this fall.  Bridge Bud Supply stresses the importance of education. 

"An overall basis of how to use it is the biggest thing that they're asking us because they don't know. They don't know that CBD has no 'head high' effects. Us being able to go out there and actually talk about what it does and how it works for them was a big relief for them," says Howell.

Canada is set to legalize edible cannabis products on October 17 2019.