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Carbon Tax Repeal Act to be first bill introduced, says Kenney

March 20, 2019

UCP leader Jason Kenney says Premier Notley sold Albertans down the river to her ally, Justin Trudeau.

UCP leader Jason Kenney visited Lethbridge today.  He visited with employees at Lethbridge Iron Works with the message that if he is elected premier on April 16, his first order of business will be to repeal the carbon tax.  His speech took aim at Premier Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, saying that Canadians should not be penalized for heating their homes or driving to work. He then criticized a comment from Notley who said that Albertans can avoid the carbon tax by “taking a bus.  Walking, you know those kinds of things…"

“Busy parents can’t WALK the kids to hockey practice in the winter.  Folks in huge parts of our province have no bus that they can take to work.” says Kenney.

When questioned on minimum wage, Kenney said it was not feasible to lower the minimum wage, but rather introduce a reduced minimum wage for workers aged 17 and under.  This is to entice businesses to hire new entrants to the labour market.