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Cardston couple offering a chance to win $1.7 million B&B

April 26, 2019

Owners of the Cobblestone manor in Cardston are organizing a contest to win thier $1.7 million dollar property.

A couple in Cardston is tired of the tough real estate market, so they are getting creative with how they are going to sell their historic bed and breakfast property.

For 2 years, Ivan Negrych and his wife have been trying to sell their historic bed and breakfast with no luck on any reasonable offers. Now, they have decided to get creative.

"It’s nota lottery and it’s not a raffle.  It’s a contest where people have to write a letter in explaining who they are and why they would like to own Cobblestone Manor.  It’s got to be a five-hundred-page essay or less and with a hundred-dollar fee we are trying to get up to seventeen thousand letters,” says Co-owner Ivan Negrych

The winner will be decided by four judges, as well as Ivan and his wife.  Ivan says that they are looking for an individual who has a passion for business.  

“We’ve been looking for someone who has the energy and the willingness to run it further and turn it into a family business.”  

Full contest details will appear on The Cobblestone Manor Facebook pageMonday.  The contest opens May 1st, and will run until the end of November.