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Children show gesture of support for LPS officers

June 25, 2020

Policing is a challenging profession, and recent events including the death of George Floyd and the accompanying protests have made it even more of a challenge. Video Journalist Naveen Day was on the scene at the Lethbridge Police Service to capture a group of youngsters giving credit to the men and women in blue.

A group of citizens, mostly small children, came to LPS this morning with cards and banners to show their support for police.  

Cate Rigaux, a criminal justice instructor and 20-year veteran of the RCMP, says that police work is hard often under-appreciated.

Even those who have had brushes with the law came out to show support for the LPS and the impact officers have had on their lives.

Interim Chief of Police Scott Woods responded to the gesture, saying that criticism always comes with the job of policing. He adds that LPS members know they have a high level of support in the community.