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City Manager to explore areas to cut back such as private owners for Enmax and private user fees for school buses

November 25, 2019

Lethbridge's city manager is being directed to explore options to help the city cut back on its spending. This following Bramwell Strain's Phase one of the Fiscal and Operational Performance Review presented last week that suggested the city’s spending is unsustainable.

Some areas the city is having Strain look into is exploring other operational and ownership options for Enmax Center. Additionally, the city will explore the possibility of having more than one operation in the same municipal building due to there being a higher number of municipal facilities per capita relative to our peer communities. All this extra square footage equates to higher operational costs. Council learned they could be saving up to 15 million dollars by doing things differently.

Also on the agenda is exploring having schools operate their own school buses rather than the city. This means parents would be charged user fees to have their children ride the bus. A meeting on the topic will be held at the school district Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.