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Coaldale receives big money for RCMP construction project

June 10, 2019

Coaldale received funding for RCMP building

EDIT: May 11, 2019

The Town of Coaldale is preparing for heavy amounts of construction this Summer.

According to the government of Canada’s tendering web site, the towns RCMP detachment will receive $11,655,000 for a much-anticipated construction project.  

 The RCMP began its work in Coaldale in January of 2016 under a new municipal policing contract.  The plan since 2016 has been to construct a new detachment building which will also house Regional policing services. Coaldale Mayor Kim Craig was delighted to share the news.

"A lot of men and women in service will be presenting higher visibility to our community. And, the fact that it's finally happening. Finally it's actually happening. It's a big relief to see it's actually happening."

 The Coaldale RCMP has been operating out of a portion of the Coaldale town office for the past three years.