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Complaint against Chief Woods dismissed

June 25, 2020

The Lethbridge Police Commission has dismissed the last remaining complaint filed against Interim Police Chief Scott Woods. The Commission was investigating complaints of bullying and harassment filed by Sergeant Jason Moulton. A story we first brought you on Bridge City News. The complaint was investigated by two external agencies ASIRT and the Chief of Police of the Tsuut'inna Nation Police Service.

Over the course of the investigation the following language was used to describe the allegations against Woods including sheer fiction and no evidence. In a statement released today Interim Police Chief Scott Woods had this to say. "Hopefully with the dismissal of this complaint the Lethbridge Police Service will be allowed to move forward in our efforts to cultivate a bias free policing in our community without the distraction of groundless complaints against its leadership. This commitment is important, not only to hold accountable the few officers who may fail, but also to uphold the honour and integrity of the vast majority of officers, who want to serve the community with diligence, respect and fairness. It will be my pledge and privilege to support those officers in providing the policing that all of Lethbridge deserves."