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Cor Van Raay YMCA set to reopen July 18

July 7, 2020

Have you been thinking about working out and getting back into a groove? The Cor Van Raay YMCA announced that they will be reopening on July 18th. The YMCA will be doing pre bookings for a 75 minute time slot for the fitness centre, aquatic centres, or gym. All memberships are currently on hold, and if you want to activate your membership you will need to call the main number of the Lethbridge YMCA.

The YMCA is doing things a bit differently for normal members of the gym. If you are accessing the gym, fitness room, or aquatic centre, you won't be able to use a change room, unless you are a plus member.

Ross Jacobs, the Director of Marketing and Communications at the YMCA of Lethbridge says, "We ask our members to come prepared. Especially for the fitness centre and gym. Come dressed, ready to utilize the facility. Because you won't have access to a change room."

For the Aquatic Centre, workers at the YMCA will give you a warning after 60 minutes to get out of the pool and change. Giving a 15 minute window between the two.

The YMCA wants to make sure that the space between guests arriving is separated.

Due to social distancing requirements, some spaces in the YMCA will remain closed.

These include: The youth place space, youth and teen room, child minding, and there will be no personal fitness training or group classes.

The YMCA is giving members until December of 2020 to choose if they would like to come back or not. If members have not renewed by that time, memberships that have been on hold will expire.

Nothing is changing when it comes to rate prices for members at the Cor Van Raay.

Ross Jacobs says, "We want to give you the opportunity to pay the same member rate that you have been paying since you joined the Y, and not have that pressure that you need to come back."

The process for arrival is that members will book their time slot online, then arrive 15 minutes before the time slot. Members will be placed in a line, and then checked in and given a wristband. Guests will then have to fill out a health questionnare, and have their temperature taken.

The exit procedure for leaving the YMCA is a bit different, and if members are confused, they are being told to ask staff where they can enter and exit. If members are coming to use the gym, fitness facility, or pool, they are being asked to enter at the south side of the facility. The North side will be limited to drop off and pick up of child-care, and camp kids.

If you would like to go back to the YMCA on July 18, members will have to give the facility a call at 403-942-5757. They will be able to reactivate memberships, and start up the online account for bookings. If there are new guests dropping in at the YMCA, they will still need to book a time slot online.