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David Stephan takes the stand in retrial

June 24, 2019

Father of Ezekiel Stephan gives recount of events leading up to his son's death.

David Stephan took to the stand today and gave a recount of what he says happened in the days leading up to his son Ezekiel’s death.

David and his wife Collet are facing a re-trial of allegedly failing to provide the necessaries of life to their son who died of bacterial meningitis in 2012. David Stephan told the judge that his son stopped breathing 48 hours after he thought his son recovered from croup.  

Stephan said once he called 911 his son began breathing again. He said he declined the use of an ambulance and opted to drive Ezekiel to the hospital because he thought it would be faster than waiting. Stephan said that while en route to the Cardston hospital, his son stopped breathing a second time and he called 911 again, making arrangements to meet the ambulance partway, while his wife Collet performed CPR.

The story of events that led of to the death of Ezekiel Stephan can be seen in Part One of The Bridge City News Exclusive, Fighting For Ezekiel.