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Disc Golf: take up a new summer sport

June 25, 2019

The first known instance of anyone playing golf with a flying disc occurred in Bladworth, Saskatchewan in 1926, and the sport has been growing ever since. You have probably seen the chained baskets in Nicholas Sheran park in Lethbridge if you drove past. These are part of the disc golf game. Disc golf, while rather new, has grown in popularity over recent years and is the fourth fastest growing sport in the United States, behind mixed martial arts, roller derby, and parkour.

The Nicholas Sheran course is a legacy of the 2001 Alberta Seniors Games and has eighteen ‘holes’, known as baskets. Each basket is marked with a tee area, a small rubbery coloured disc in the grass. There are also shorter, women’s tees on each hole. As with the regular game of golf, you tally your throws and count how many it takes to get your disc inside the basket, and the lowest score wins. There will be various obstacles such as trees and water, so you’ll want to make sure you have an extra set or some tall friends, just in case. 

It’s free to play. All you need is your disc set, which costs about thirty to forty dollars. There are three discs in a set, each with a slightly different design and purpose. You have your driver, with their mass concentrated on the outer edges for better distance and speed. Then, you have your mid-range, which have sharper edges and are designed to cut through the air faster and with more stability. Finally, you have your putter, which is smaller and made to fly flat for your last, short-range putt into the basket. 

Disc golf is a fun and relatively cheap sport to get into, and it’s a great excuse to get outside and get some exercise. You can play solo, or with a group. Lethbridge has an excellent course, and the players are courteous and welcoming to new players. So, why not hop into a new sport this summer?

If you’re interested in joining the league play, the Bridge City Gunners play every Tuesday at Nicholas Sheran park at 6:00 p.m. Their very own Noah Higgins is ranked the number one junior disc golfer in Canada. You can see more about that story here: https://www.bridgecitynews.ca/news/canadas-best-junior-disc-golfer-lives-in-lethbridge

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