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Downtown Lethbridge does a rebrand

June 22, 2020

As municipalities do their best to come out of the economic downfall attached to COVID-19, the city of Lethbridge announced what they will be doing to encourage residents to shop downtown. BCN's Ainsley O’Riley explains how Lethbridge is recovering better than other cities.

The City of Lethbridge, Downtown BRZ, and Heart of our city committee pooled their resources, and received $50,000 in grant funding from the Alberta Government’s Community and Regional Economic Support program (CARES).  The initiative will bring in new signage, and outdoor street patios.

"You can come to one of the restaurants down here, or even just bring your lunch. You can bring a bagged lunch, and sit here and eat whatever you'd like," says Chair of the Downtown BRZ, Hunter Heggie.

"Particularity restaurants and pubs, where they can bring their food services onto the street, I think is really great," adds Chair of the Heart of our City Committee, Dawn Leite.

All parties acknowledged the financial challenges of COVID-19, but Downtown BRZ Executive Director Ted Stilson says Lethbridge is better off than other municipalities. 

"I think Alberta Economic Development was talking about... 25-30 per cent of businesses will not open again. We think we'll be a little bit better than that. Compared to other municipalities in North America, we've done quite well".

As part of the rebrand, a “Streetery” at Festival Square has been created on 6 Avenue South, along with other outdoor patios for local businesses — something to look forward to as we kick off the summer.