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Emerging Tech Solutions For Business event looks to shine light on the agriculture industry

July 10, 2020

If you are in agriculture, and are looking for more information on technology, and how important it is for the agriculture sector, Economic Development Lethbridge and InBridge Inc. are putting on an event together called Emerging Tech Solutions for Business. The presentation will give farmers, producers, and service providers the chance to learn more about the role of new emerging technologies, and the part they play in the success of farming now, and into the future.

The Emerging Tech Solutions For Business event will be held via Zoom.

The event hopes to gather more information for farmers, producers, and product services to be able to show the importance the role artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics can have on agriculture.

Blockchain can show information within the agriculture sector. Renae Barlow, the Vice-President of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Economic Development Lethbridge says, "Take for example if we have a crop that is unique to Lethbridge, we can say it's from Lethbridge. You can say within a supply chain that's where it's come from."

The Zoom event will take place on July 16. "We're getting close to capacity. We have over 38 people signed up right now. That's actually coming pretty close, if people want to sign up, we can make room. We have a lot of innovators that are coming on board. Lot of ideas are going to be pushed around," says Barlow.

This Agriculture event is just one of the events that is being focuses on. Barlow says, "We will be moving into other industry sectors such as manufacturing, and what emerging tech can look like for that sector."