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Exhibition Park takes new measures to combat COVID-19 for Farmers' Market

July 8, 2020

The Farmers' Market has been in full swing at Exhibition Park since May. There are more new measures that the Park is implementing for Farmers' Market vendors in order to fight COVID-19. Face shields and masks are being encouraged for vendors who come to the market, and they must go through a coronavirus screening before they can set up.

Exhibition Park has increased the footprint of the Farmers' Market to include the Main Pavilion and North Pavilion of the site to allow for significant social distancing. Each vendor must undergo a written screening before they are allowed inside the park.

Mike Warkentin, the Chief Operating Officer of Exhibition Park says, "Until each member has signed off, or gives us written documentation that they are healthy to do so, they won't be allowed into the market."

The Park is still encouraging vendors to wear Personal Protective Equipment when they sell.

Touchless transactions are looking to be made into a full-time process for Farmers' Market vendors.

The health and safety of staff, consumers, and vendors is essential to the Farmers' Market. "If that's ever in jeopardy in any way, we would consider changing or removing the Farmers' Market", says Warkentin.

The Farmers' Market takes place every Saturday at Exhibition Park from 9am to 2pm.