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Federal Law Passes for Plain Packaged Cigarettes

May 6, 2019

No more mountain scenes, burly men or pretty pastel colours will be seen on cigarette packages. This is thanks to a federal law that recently went into effect requiring cigarette and tobacco products be placed in plain brown packaging void of any brand logos. This law will make Canada have some of the toughest rules in the world for tobacco companies. And this is a huge win according to The Canadian Cancer Society.

"It's a historic day," says Rob Cunningham, Senior Policy Advisor for the Canadian Cancer Society. "It's been a long time coming and from a public health perspective we're absolutely delighted. This is a measure that's going to protect kids from the marketing of tobacco companies, it's going to reduce tobacco use and ultimately it's going to save lives."

Canada is the 14th country to take on this law while Australia was the first. According to Cunningham, smoking has drastically reduced in Australia since the plain package law came into effect in that country.

Last year 45,000 Canadians died from smoking related illnesses.