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Fentanyl dealer guilty in November 12 crash sentenced

May 13, 2019

Logan Drake, 28 has been sentenced to four years behind bars for numerous offences.

A Lethbridge man is on his way to prison after he was sentenced to a total of four years behind bars for 16 federal and provincial offenses.

Twenty-eight year old Logan Drake of Lethbridge pleaded guilty to all 16 charges that were related to drugs and dangerous driving.  

Three of the most serious offenses are for what will likely be permanent injuries to a couple in their late-70s.  The man and his wife were travelling from the Yukon towards the U.S. border on November 12, 2018 when a stolen truck, driven by Drake, struck them at a high rate of speed causing severe injuries.

The 77-year old male suffered a broken sternum and 12 ribs, concussion, brain bleed, bruised heart and a broken neck. The man’s wife suffered broken ankles, ribs, fingers on both hands and a broken arm.

After initial treatment at separate hospitals, the couple were airlifted back to Whitehorse where they spent another 14 weeks in the hospital.

Drake fled the scene on foot.  He was not seriously injured.  A charge for trafficking fentanyl was pending at the time of the collision.  The court heard that on July 28, 2016, Lethbridge Police used a cell phone to call a specified number to arrange to pick up the drug.  Logan Drake showed up to a pre-arranged location and sold two pills to undercover officers.

The court also learned that between 2017 and 2018 Drake broke into storage lockers, stole vehicles and trailers, nearly $20,000 worth of tools, over $30,000 in civil war memorabilia, cash, credit cards and wallets.

Mugshot of Logan Drake
Photo credit: Lethbridge Police Service