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Former Parks and Environment Minister calling for investigation

July 14, 2020

Our province's former parks and environment minister Shannon Phillips wants an out of province investigation launched after two Lethbridge police officers were demoted after misconduct in 2017.

Sgt Jason Carrier and Cst Keon Woronuk admitted last month to many breaches of the Police Service Regulation. According to official documents the two officers were at a Lethbridge eatery three years ago when they overheard Phillips discuss plans to potentially close parts of the Castle Park area and designate them as a provincial park. The two, who are outdoorsmen opposed those potential restrictions that would come with provincial park designation. The officers took unauthorized photos of Phillips, plus ran the plates of one of the stakeholders. Woronuk also posted a photo to Facebook he took at the diner under a fake name criticizing the then NDP government. Phillips filed a complaint under the Police Act. The Calgary Police investigated and both officers received warnings. Phillips, who is also the MLA for Lethbridge West, said she had been aware of dishonourable and discreditable conduct among LPS officers targeted at her. Alberta Justice Minister, Doug Schweitzer says "I share in the outrage being expressed by many following the news." Schweitzer has asked the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team to look into the matter.