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Fort Whoop-Up reopens with new look

June 30, 2020

Today marked the grand reopening of Fort Whoop Up to the public. The fort was closed due to COVID-19 for over three months. As Micah Quinn explains, there will be new rules, and interactive exhibits when visitors come down to explore.

Fort Whoop-Up has brought in ticket admission for the grounds, and you can purchase a ticket on the fort's website before you and your family and friends make your way over to visit.

Each time slot has 10 tickets available, and that will be based on a first-come basis.

2020 is the 150th anniversary of Fort Whoop-Up first being built, and since COVID-19 put a damper on bigger plans for the fort, they are planning on announcing more plans over the summer.

There are certain things you can expect when you come into the fort. Darrin Martens says, "They will be met by a fort interpreter who will personally guide them through the rest of the fort. The period rooms that we have. Also allowing them to interact with certain aspects of the fort. Each visitor will be given an interactive packet, that they will be able to utilize as they go through the fort, and into different rooms."

Customers can also write postcards, in the post office. They can write a postcard to an ancestor, or their friends or family. The fort will also be doing candle making.