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Galaxy Cinemas in Lethbridge Reopens July 10

July 10, 2020

Get your popcorn and drinks handy. Galaxy Cinemas in Lethbridge is reopening today. 34 of the 164 Cineplex locations across Canada are reopening after nearly 4 months of the movie theatres being closed to the public. The Executive Director of Communications for Cineplex, Sarah Van Lange, says that Cineplex has brought back workers and retrained them. They will also be reducing the capacity for theatres to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After nearly 4 months of being closed to moviegoers, Cineplex is opening up select theatres across Canada. With Galaxy Cinemas in Lethbridge being one of them.

There are now new procedures in place for Cineplex theatres due to COVID-19.

Sarah Van Lange, the Executive Director of Communications for Cineplex says, "On the financial side, obviously it has had a significant impact on our business. But, on the team side, we've been entertaining Canadians for nearly 100 years if you can believe it. So, we are excited across Canada to be opening up our buildings, and I know that the team in Lethbridge can't wait to get back to doing what we do best."

For Cineplex, the novel coronavirus wasn't something that they were ready to deal with at the time. But, Van Lange says, "We have contingency plans in place for events like this. Nobody had any idea that a pandemic was coming. No one has plans for a 4 month closure. That said, we feel strongly where our business is now. And are focused on moving forward, and that includes reopenings."

Galaxy Cinemas is now open to the public, and select showings are now available for movie fans.