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Province to crack down on “cash cow” photo radar

February 22, 2019

New rules are coming to Alberta as the province says photo radar programs have only a "minor impact" on safety.

Minister of Transportation, Brian Mason, voiced eliminating "photo radar as a tool for revenue generation," as the new goal Thursday.

Mason's announcement culminated a year of inspecting the current system.

A third-party study was conducted, examining the 27 municipalities in Alberta who use photo radar programs. It shows no marginal contribution to traffic safety across the province.

Projected changes to provincial guidelines will enhance transparency and improve accountability by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of these technologies.

“We are updating the provincial photo radar guidelines to provide the direction and clarity that municipalities and police agencies need in order to focus on safety," says Mason.

The new guidelines will require police services and/or municipalities to post and update photo radar locations and their rationale on municipal/police websites every month and prohibit the use of photo radar in transition zones (i.e. adjacent to speed limit signs where speed limits change).

Conventional traffic enforcement will still be allowed in locations where automated enforcement is prohibited and radars will still allowed in school zones, playground zones and construction zones.

Minister of Transportation Brian Mason announces changes to photo radar programs, Thursday. (Photo: Canadian Press)