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Hail damage destroys farmer’s crops and equipment in Taber area

August 7, 2019

Farmers near Taber and Barnwell were hit with hail and wind damage this Tuesday night. The storm affected crops, farm equipment, trees, and buildings.

Dustin Monson, a local farmer from Tamminga Farms in the Cranford area, says their farm was hit with a lot of damage. “I’d guess it was quarter-sized hail,” Dustin says. “One of our pivots flipped over...pretty much all of our crops around here were leveled.” He says a lot of their crops were lost, including their corn, potatoes, beets and canola, with approximate damages totaling over two million dollars in crops and $150,000 of property damage.

The wind speed was estimated at 146 km/h according to a post by Molnar’s Taber Corn on Facebook. “With heavy hearts we are very sad to let you all know our crops were flattened.”

Hail is produced by cumulonimbus clouds. The formation of hail requires strong, upward forces of air within a thunderstorm, similar to tornadoes, with lowered heights at the freezing level. Southern Alberta has been affected by a few bouts of extreme weather this summer, and in these instances, our farmers are most affected.