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Henderson Pool reopening July 19

July 17, 2020

Great news for kids and parents as the Henderson Pool, complete with waterslides, is set to reopen on Sunday. Now, there are new rules for swimmers looking to go to the pool. You will need to pre book online if you want to swim, and the visits will be limited to 90 minute sessions. There will not be any access to change rooms as well. The City of Lethbridge is urging swimmers to wear their swimsuits to and from the pool.

Swimmers will only be able to stay at Henderson Pool for 90 minute intervals, with a 30 minute break in between.

At the end of the session, members will have to exit the facility so workers can clean down the pool until the next batch of swimmers comes in for their time.

No outside food will be allowed inside as well. Only sealed drinks and reusable water bottles will be let in.

Coolers full of food will have to be left at home as well.

There will be no change rooms available, so you will have to come prepared with your towels and swimwear. Bathrooms will be open though.

Once members come to the pool, they will be required to answer questions by the workers at Henderson Pool and fill out a questionnaire to make sure that they don't have COVID-19.

The Assistant General Manager for Recreation Excellence in Lethbridge, Sunni Belle says, "The first thing the public needs to do is go to aquatics.lethbridge.ca, and book online to reserve their spot."

If you are having trouble booking, you can call the Stan Siwik Pool, and they can help you out with your account and online registration.

Belle is hoping for a positive reaction on July 19. "I do think that it's a process for everybody to get used to, including our staff. It's important to be patient, and just to know that we will have some things to work out. But, we are definitely accepting feedback to make positive changes where necessary. Everybody's really excited to have the public back in the facility."