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JBS Foods Canada invests money into Brooks as part of Hometown Strong program

October 22, 2020

JBS Foods Canada has started a new initiative called Hometown Strong that will be investing back into the Brooks economy. The company is giving $2 million to help out parts of the community that have felt the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. JBS has been meeting with local leaders to determine where the money will be best placed, and the announcement for where the money will be allocated will come by the end of the year.

David Colwell, the President of JBS Foods Canada says that the City of Brooks has been through a lot the last several months, "It's getting to be a grind, and we can't stop. We have to keep doing all that we're doing."

The Hometown Strong Initiative was a way to be able to go into local communities and spend the money to make things better says Colwell, "Through infrastructure, community awareness, any kind of COVID related issues. We haven't decided exactly what those things will be yet. We'll have those decision made by the end of the year."

The Hometown Strong program is a huge initiative across North America, totalling over $50 million. This money will ensure job security during the COVID-19 pandemic, "We write it to those hometowns that we have businesses in. It was a larger initiative, different allocations for money in different areas," adds Colwell.

The JBS Foods Canada production company in Brooks employs over 2800 people, and has an annual payroll of over $110 million.