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Judge finds pediatrician not guilty in alleged sexual assault of a minor

November 18, 2020

Justice Vaughan Hartigan found St. Albert pediatrician Dr. Ramneek Mohinder Kumar not guilty of sexually assaulting a minor Tuesday morning. Dr. Kumar was on trial for sexual assault and sexual interference. He was accused of touching a girl who was nine years old at the time in 2015.

During the trial the court heard from the complainant who is now 14 years old. She testified that while on a joint family vacation to Waterton Lakes National Park, Dr. Kumar repeatedly approached her when she was alone, and began massaging and touching her hair, back and chest.  When he escorted her and other children to go swimming, he insisted that he help her get changed into her swimsuit, despite her being more than capable of changing herself.  The girl testified that he again touched her and told her not to tell anyone.

Both Dr. Kumar and his wife denied these allegations and said the most he ever did to the girl was playfully touch her ears. Kumar's wife testified that he was with her virtually the entire time during the vacation.

Justice Hartigan had this to say in his closing statement:

“I am ultimately left with sufficient reasonable doubt that I cannot determine with a required degree of certainty what really happened on that weekend in 2015.”

The complainant’s family has not yet issued a statement.