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Keep Spot from getting hot: Why it’s never cool to keep pets in a warm car

April 11, 2019

Hot, summer-like weather is coming up, and with it comes the annual concern about people leaving their pets locked in hot cars. Dr. Kate Lupton, a veterinarian at Family Pet Hospital in Lethbridge, has words of warning for pet owners who might consider bringing their furry friends with them, and then end up leaving them in the car for what might seem like just a quick errand.

She said animals don’t have sweat glands like humans do, and as such are at a much higher risk of overheating than we are — even if the windows are left partially open in a vehicle.

“It can take as little as 10 minutes for an animal to suffer brain damage or to die in a hot car because the temperatures outside the car are quite different from temperatures inside the car,” she said.

If you see an animal in distress, instead of breaking into the vehicle, Lupton said Good Samaritans should instead call 911.