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Lethbridge and Medicine Hat region record lowest unemployment rates in province

September 4, 2020

In the month of August, Canada has added 246,000 new jobs. Friday morning Stats Canada released updated numbers, showing that most new jobs recorded in the month were for full-time work. The Lethbridge and Medicine Hat region records the lowest unemployment rates in the province, sitting at 8.6%. Ryan Miller, CEO of Lethbridge Employment agency, Teamwork Training Ltd. explains why Lethbridge is better off than other areas of Alberta.

"Agriculture is a huge part of southern Alberta's employment and we're on the cusp of having a very good agricultural season so employment has remained extremely strong," Miller adds "that's going to continue to drive everything that touches agriculture...other services, other vendors, whether its car dealerships (or) new farm equipment...building supplies".

74% of full time jobs in the Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Region have been recovered since the beginning of the pandemic.