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Lethbridge College golf tournament supports student athletes

August 27, 2019

For the first time in its history, all of the proceeds from the Lethbridge College charity golf tournament will go towards student athletes.

The event is Southern Alberta's longest running charity golf tournament. In the tournament's first 35 years it has raised more than $930,000. Lethbridge College Manager of Sport & Recreation, Todd Caughlin says that student athletes are not traditional students.

"They've got a full scale of their schedules, so things like this are obviously great." 

Multi-Sport athlete at Lethbridge College, Christine Moser spoke about the struggles she faces as a student athlete.

"Futsal and Soccer are different seasons. Soccer is our outdoor season and it's the busiest, so we have practices every day and then tournaments on weekends. It gets pretty busy finding time to do school as well." 

Student athletes from Lethbridge College assisted on the golf course throughout the day.