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Lethbridge council approves housing strategy

October 7, 2019

Lethbridge City Council gave the green light on a new affordable housing strategy on Monday.

The city's Social Development Manager, Martin Thomsen, proposed 51 recommended actions. The proposal was based on four questions: who is in need, what are the needs, how can we prioritize, and how they can be aligned with provincial and national housing strategies? Thomsen says the biggest barrier the city will face is people who do not want supportive housing in their backyard. 

"One of the key action items is creating an education and awareness plan. To educate the community, to educate housing folks to neighborhoods so that they know what the different levels of supportive housing is. The number one way to change peoples attitude towards something is education. They need to understand. We need to be transparent. We need to work with them so that they know and understand what we're proposing, and then how do we mitigate together," says Thomsen.

He also added that the City will soon see partnerships and advocacy to begin its first steps to housing those who need it the most.