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Lethbridge Fire Department conducts Water Rescue Training

June 17, 2020

The Old Man River that runs through our city can be a source of joy, and perfect for outdoor activities. However, sometimes the water can get unruly and dangerous. Lethbridge Fire and EMS had a training session Wednesday morning, and BCN's Ainsley O'Riley was there to catch the action.

The Lethbridge Fire Department just acquired two new boats to help them with Search and Rescue Training.  Fire and EMS trainees learned a variety of life-saving skills on the water.

"There's so many different disciplines within the rescue team. You have to be able to have the skills to use the boat, there's the diving. There's so many different things to think about and there's so many guys with specific skills within the team," says Water Rescue Trainee, Jaydon McCarthy.

24 Rescue Team members took part in training this year. Water Rescue Team Lead Brendon Pyne says that it's important to keep in mind specific safety protocols, especially if you're a non-swimmer.

"Make sure you have a PFD. That's very important. If you can't swim, have a PFD".

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, and the weather getting nicer, more people will bring water activities to the Old Man River. First Responders say it's important to be prepared for the worst. 

"Hopefully we can be out training and preparing for, you know, worst case scenario, but we gotta be ready," adds McCarthy.