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Lethbridge Fitness Collective teaches proper ways to workout for teen girls

July 22, 2020

Strength and conditioning are two of the most important aspects of working out, and for younger teen girls, some of them have not stepped foot in a gym. As Micah Quinn explains, the Lethbridge Fitness Collective is offering an introduction into weight lifting, strength training, and conditioning exercises for young girls.

Emily Melmoth, is a Personal Trainer at Lethbridge Fitness Collective, and she says, "I think being a teenage girl is hard enough in and of itself. It's one of those things-- it's where if you google good exercises, or search on Pinterest 'Teen Girl Exercises', it's going to tell you to do 100 sit-ups a day. And that's not necessarily the right way of going about things. I just think there's a lot of conflicting information out there. And finding out what's right, and the right way to do things is really hard when you don't have any background knowledge or training in it."

For Melmoth, the gym is a big boost to her mental health. "It's my feel good place. I think for a lot of people it is as well. the social aspect of it is huge."

Lethbridge Fitness Collective is planning on holding the fitness classes every Wednesday from 10am to 11am. "I really hope they get a lot of confidence out of it so that they are comfortable going into a gym environment, and comfortable knowing what to do, and knowing how to use equipment. And that intimidation and being scared is not the reason that they're working not out, or doing physical activities," adds Melmoth.