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Lethbridge Hurricanes rookie camp begins

August 28, 2019

The Lethbridge Hurricanes kicked off the first day of training camp on Wednesday

The WHL hockey season is closer than ever. Nearly 80 young hockey players began their journey to duke it out for official spots on the teams roster. For many of the players, it is their first WHL rookie camp, and the pinnacle of their careers.

"A lot of early mornings, late nights...trying to get better as much as you can and try and do the best that you can do," says rookie Defenceman Logan Mccutcheon

About a dozen of the rookies will make the Canes roster with more than half getting cut. Head coach Brent Kisio says he’s excited to check out the young talent.

"There's opportunity there. There is some spots available for sure but there's some tough competition at the same time. We just hope to have some real hard decisions and we make the right ones." 

Four games were played throughout the afternoon. The Hurricanes will take on the Red Deer Rebels in the first game of the preseason on September 6, at 7 P.M.