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Lethbridge man organizes Together, One Community rally

June 24, 2020

Former Lethbridge Pronghorn hockey player, Evan Wardley, is organizing an anti-racism rally this Saturday. The 26-year-old is encouraging his fellow Pronghorns to join. As Ainsley O'Riley explains he is also hoping city officials and community members turn out for the event.

According to the Pew Research Centre, the Hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has been used on Twitter 47.8 million times, from May 26-June 7. Evan Wardley says he wants to impact the community beyond what people are posting online.  

"It's really important to me that the community comes out and supports this because though these times everyone's been showing their support on social media, but this issue is a lot bigger than social media".

"I find lots of people do their part on social media, and then after a couple weeks let things die down, but he wanted to make the change — wanted to stand up and do something about it," says Wardley's former U of L Pronghorns hockey teammate, Jeff Rayman.

Wardley, a former WHL and U of L Pronghorns hockey player, has invited his former teammates to join in on a peaceful march named Together, One Community.  He’s encouraging all residents to march this Saturday, to share in a common cause.

"It does exist here. It does exist in Alberta, and I think that it's important that as a community for Lethbridge in particular," adds Wardley.

"Having a day to recognize the uniqueness of...diversity, that's what i'll call it, is good — is unique. It celebrates unity. That's what we need to embrace in this present time, with what is going on in the world right now," says Lethbridge Multicultural Centre Treasurer, Abiola Ogunydmi.

Saturdays rally will begin at 1p.m, starting with a march from the Lethbridge Multicultural centre, and making its way to Galt Gardens. Protestors will hear from a variety of speakers.