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Lethbridge Native Sons 1974-75 team to be inducted into Alberta Hockey HOF

July 20, 2020

The Lethbridge Native Sons 1974-75 Native Sons hockey team is set to be inducted into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame.

COVID-19 has pushed the ceremony another year, but coaches and players are looking forward to the honour. Former team captain Joe Meli is no exception.

"We were a closely knit group of guys that did everything together for that whole season. (We) became very close, and still are to this day. It just seems like it wasn't that long ago that we went through all of this," he adds "Now, here we are all about 50 pounds heavier...a lot older, and man we can remember a lot of things like it was yesterday".

The championship-winning team went 4 and 1 in round robin play, eventually defeating Nova Scotia 6-3 in the final.