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Lethbridge Needle Crisis Support Group calls out Manning as "whistleblower"

October 16, 2020

The Lethbridge Needle Crisis Support Group told Bridge City News, the whistleblower in the ARCHES audit case is an anonymous source who contacted them last February.

Before the audit even began on the supervised consumption site, the crisis support group says someone from ARCHES contacted them who was not Jill Manning.
They told Bridge City News, the audit was a result of their whistleblower from ARCHES giving them enough information to have grounds to get the audit going, and that they (LNCSG) submitted documents to the government not obtained by Jill.

Sarah Villebrun, who is the spokesperson for LNCSG, says the person who contacted them asked to stay anonymous, and "it was not Jill".

She explains that they were in contact with this individual from February through August of this year.

Manning, who is the Former Manager Director of ARCHES, said recently on Facebook that she was the whistleblower in the investigation into ARCHES that ended up becoming an audit and criminal investigation after the company was found to have misplaced 1.6 million in taxpayer dollars.

Manning said in her post, which was later deleted, that she was actually a witness in the criminal investigation and audit.

ARCHES has been closed since August 31, 2020 after the province ceased their funding.

Bridge City News reached out to Jill Manning for comment but have yet to hear back from her.