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'Lethbridge-Opoly' puts a twist on Monopoly

November 17, 2020

Many of us grew up on the classic board game Monopoly. There is a company called Outset Media which has added a Lethbridge twist to the game and just in time for Christmas. The group is calling its game 'Lethbridge-Opoly' in honour of our city. There are familiar squares on the game featuring the likes of Henderson Lake Park, Park Place Mall, and New West Theatre. Jean-Paul Teskey, the Senior Vice President for Outset Media, says that the company's partner Late For The Sky has the legal rights to use the name and image of Monopoly.

Outset Media has joined forces with Walmart Canada to create a new board game called 'Lethbridge-Opoly.'

The company has featured 100 cities across Canada that they've made the game for.

"Sales on Lethbridge have been really strong. I think that typically they would be strong, but especially this year so many people stuck at home, it's been even stronger," adds Teskey.

The new features of the Monopoly game will highlight areas and businesses in Lethbridge, including the University of Lethbridge, Henderson Lake Park, and the Coulee Brewing Company.

The game can be bought at Walmart for $29.97.