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Statement from Chief of Police re. toxic workplace

May 27, 2020

Interim Lethbridge Police Chief Scott Woods has responded to stories Bridge City News has covered in relation to bullying and harassment allegations at the Lethbridge Police Service.

In a statement earlier today Chief Woods had this to say....
"I am aware of recent media coverage of a local news outlet, based on an anonymous source, which has alleged a high degree of dysfunction within the Lethbridge Police Service. On a certain level there is brokenness within the service. However much of the dysfunction is derived from a small minority working within the organization who are more concerned with protecting their own interests and influence than maintaining the ideals of serving the public. When this group of individuals is held to account for their own misconduct they often lash out and accuse others of being bullies. I have tried to address this toxicity and bring reforms to corporate culture. Whatever time I have left a Chief of Police, I will continue to maintain the Lethbridge Police Service as an honourable place to serve the City."

The source, who's identity is being protected, agreed to be quoted following the coverage of formal complaints made by another officer. The unnamed source's claims appear to substantiate allegations made by Sgt. J. Moulton in a formal complaint to the Alberta Law Enforcement Review Board.
This complaint can be viewed here: https://www.canlii.org/en/ab/ablerb/doc/2020/2020ablerb7/2020ablerb7.html

The news coverage to which Chief Woods is referring can be seen here: https://www.bridgecitynews.ca/news/that-place-is-broken-says-former-lps-member

Meantime, the formal complaints of bullying and harassment, which have not been proven, are in the hands of the Lethbridge Police Commission.

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